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Internet Trolls and Patricia Arquette

In May of 1966, Marie Anderson, women’s editor of the Miami Herald, received a letter from an angry reader. It began politely enough (“Dear Miss Anderson”) then moved quickly to the point:

It is people like yourself who are making it so easy for the government to take over even the smallest details of our lives. With your permission; and the governments; I will assume full responsibility for the training of my 14-year-old daughter!!

The next few paragraphs (starting with “I am so enraged” and “Mothers, Wake Up”) continued the barrage against Marie, complete with more exclamation points and underlines.

And that was what the harassment of feminists looked like 50 years ago. Handwritten on stationery. Signed by Mrs. Paul R. Turner, who could be reached at PO Box 1026 in Marathon, Florida. And responded to by Marie Anderson in a short and snarky return note:

Dear Mrs. Turner:


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