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We had a lovely time at the last She Writes of this year. Our theme was ‘Passions’ and we showcased a selection of plays which widely interpreted this brief!

* Maggie Drury’s short play ‘Fish on a plate’ was about a very strange couple – one whose passion is words and the other whose passion is glass! * ‘Such a nice girl’ by Melissa Keighley told a dark tale of a woman whose desire to have her own space leads to murder. * Sarah Davies’‘Nigel the dark destroyer’ told the hilarious tale of a goat who could well be possessed by Satan… * ‘The Star and the Painted Snipe’ by Sam Hall is the first stage of a play about Aphra Behn. It will be developed into a longer piece. * Whoop’n’wail (Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman) gave us a really dark story of domestic abuse with an intriguing reverse…

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