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**** Klayman as Emilia and Alice Bonifacio as Bianca, portray their roles with dignity and strength.

Amy Taylor on Othello, The Reviews Hub

**** aided and abetted by his wife Emilia (Deborah Klayman) which made Othello’s downfall believable

Tim Mottershed on Othello, RemoteGoat

Gloucester's eyes were put out, triumphantly, by Deborah Klayman's strong Regan.

King Lear, Chester Chronicle

Deborah Klayman, who is a fierce Fluellen and a gentle lady-in-waiting.

Anthea West on Henry V, RemoteGoat

Particularly enjoyable are Thomas Heard and Deborah Klayman...their horrible Mr and Mrs Pugh is a poisonous pleasure.

Jonathan Lovett on Under Milk Wood, The Stage

**** There are fantastic little one liners and some wonderful little quips...Kemp and Klayman are making sure that no funny goes unturned in this feisty little farce.

James Waygood on My Bloody Laundrette, Grumpy Gay Critic

Klayman flaunts an accent and radiates palpable and enjoyable.

Rita Suszek on My Bloody Laundrette, The F Word

Strong performances from Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman.

Catriona MacLeod on eXclusion, The Scotsman

***** Klayman sang with a remarkably powerful voice.

Mel Wallington on Lipstick on Your Collar, News Shopper

***** Acted superbly by Klayman and Charlotte Couture as the two women on the edge.

James Waygood on Three AM, Grumpy Gay Critic

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