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Fantastic showcase of plays on the theme of art

Many thanks to all involved in the “She Writes” showcase – particularly to 17Percent founder Sam Hall and to Director Sarah Davies and our wonderful actors Sue Blakesley, Chyna Graham and Sioned Jones for all their hard work on ‘My Bloody Laundrette’.

Tonight we showcased 7 plays that have all responded to our theme of ‘What is art?’ in different ways.

Sally Whyte’s play ‘Joined at the hip’ was written in response to a painting by Frida Kahlo ‘The Two Fridas’. Maggie Drury’s ‘The arrangement’, Karen Bartholomew’s ‘Who knows art?’ and my own play ‘Graf’ were all musings on the question of what exactly art is, and who has the right to define it.

‘My Bloody Laundrette’ by Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman interpreted the theme in a magical realist way – Princess Leia, Mona Lisa and Juliet Capulet, all women created by men, who decide to give themselves and each other a voice.

Sioned Jones’ ‘Drawing a blank’ and ‘Pink Lady’ by Tracy Harris were both about relationships. But with unexpected twists and shown from different angles.

One of the criticisms as to why theatres won’t commission work by women is that…

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