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Watch Ali & Debs’ short play ‘My Bloody Laundrette’ on YouTube

We did it!

We got our latest short and newly titled play, Madjesty, off by the deadline – by the skin of our teeth too. This black comedy examines the impact of government cuts on some of the most vulnerable in our society whilst cheekily juxtaposing their plight with that of those with the most opulent lifestyles. Don’t want to say too much at this stage but we submitted the play for a very exciting festival of short plays which will run in early 2013 – so keep your fingers crossed for us and watch this space for news.

Meanwhile a rehearsed reading of our previous short, My Bloody Laundrette, can be seen on the 17Percent Channel on YouTube. This is a recording made at the 17Percent ‘She Writes‘ showcase back in September.

We hope you enjoy it.

Ali & Debs

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